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Magnolias That Cared About Me, Featuring THUNDER (Continuation)

Ebony Seek cure for virus

A VIRUS was in the land of Africa. Ebony  and Anna built a hospital with the gold Anna's husband found in a mine. Will Ebony and Anna find a vaccine in time to save many lives? Ebony own twin girls are sick with this virus.

 Read what Ebony used to come up with a vaccine.

This is a fiction story. First written in 2005. It is the late 1890's.

Who is the THUNDER in your life? Yes THUNDER! You will see how a large gorilla name THUNDER was a saving force for Ebony and Anna.

This book have over 20 pictures. Children will just love them.

We invite you to read Magnolias That Cared About Me, featuring THUNDER 

Price $12.99